What am I signing up for?

Camp Gladiator is an award-winning, 4 week unlimited group fitness program. All fitness levels are welcome, and you can attend any and all 2000+ locations nationwide from January 2 - January 28.

What is the New Year’s promotion all about?

Any new or former Camper is eligible to receive the January Camp and the exclusive special edition long sleeve Better Together T-shirt for the low price of $50.

What are the dates of the New Year’s promotion Camp?

Camp starts Monday, January 2 and runs through Saturday, January 28.

When can I register for the New Year’s promotion Camp?

You can sign up for the awesome deal starting Monday, December 12 by clicking [here]. Just enter the required fields and the system will take care of the rest. Easy Peasy!

I’m having trouble registering. What can I do?
  1. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your browser for optimal interaction with our website. Our website is not compatible with Internet Explorer.
  2. Double check that ALL of your basic information is correct. You will not be able to move forward if you are missing any information, including your T-shirt size and valid address.
  3. The expiration date for your credit card must be in the 4 digit year format (ie: MM/YYYY).
  4. Try clearing your cache in your browser. (link to - http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/)
What happens if I am not able to attend any workouts in the January Camp?

We encourage you to make the most of your Camp, as we fully believe Camp Gladiator is the best out there! The New Year’s promotion is not transferable to future Camp dates or to other Campers.

Can I register for the New Year’s promotion Camp on the CG App?

No, you will not be able to register for the New Year’s promotion deal through the CG App. Click SIGN UP from the landing page to get started and complete the registration process.

Can I share this deal with my friends and family?

Absolutely! Have your friends and family come to this website where they can sign up for this amazing price of $50 for the January Camp and a T-shirt as long as they are a new or former Camper.

I’m registered for the current Camp (November 13 - December 17), am I eligible for the New Year’s promotion?

No, only new or former Campers are eligible for the New Year’s promotion. Currently registered Campers are not eligible to participate.

When will I receive my Better Together T-shirt?

Allow 1 - 2 weeks for processing and delivery.

What do I bring to Camp?

All you need is a water bottle, towel, dumbbells (5-20lbs) and a fitness mat. A CG mat is highly recommended because it is designed for outdoor use and is more comfortable and more durable than a typical fitness mat. You can purchase your CG Mat here.

*If you do not have a mat or dumbbells for your first workout, don’t worry, your trainer will have extras at Camp!

How can I see all CG locations around me?

You can find all locations nationwide here and also through the CG App which is available on iTunes and in the Google Play Store. Attend any and all 2000+ locations during Camp.

If I go BOLD, what day will be recurring payment be charged?

If you go BOLD during Camp, your first BOLD payment will take place on February 1. The 1st of each month will be your payment date moving forward.

How long is each Camp?

All CG Camps are four weeks of unlimited sessions, Monday through Saturday. Each workout session is one hour. We ask that all new Campers arrive 10 - 15 minutes early for your first workout to check-in and meet your Trainer.

Who can attend?

CG is for all fitness levels! It’s a go at your own pace workout designed for all ages and abilities. Your Trainer is ready to motivate, push and accommodate all fitness levels. Don’t be intimidated, everyone can do it!

What types of workouts will I experience?

CG is a 60 minute full-body workout program that combines strength and cardio workouts in each session. While every workout is unique, each week of the Camp cycle has a specific focus. Week 1 is Endurance, Week 2 is Strength & Agility, Week 3 is Interval training and Week 4 is Peak Week where it all comes together! The workouts are challenging, fun and always positive.

Is Camp ever cancelled due to weather?

We never cancel! Rain, shine, sleet or snow, there will always be a trainer present to greet you! Most locations have an alternate location where they meet if there is inclement weather. See your Trainer or CG app for details.

Where can I find out more information about CG and its locations?

Find out more on our website, campGladiator.com.